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Naijacliq Interview With Don Gz

0 interview team recently had an interview with “King of the east” crooner, Don Gz. In the interview, the rap act revealed how he started rap music and also cleared the air on collaboration with Firm Nation act, Mistaspy. Don Gz who is from eastern part of Nigeria also addressed his alleged beef with Tidinz.


Read excerpts from the interview below.

Please can you tell us who you are
I am “Don gz”, a young rapper from the eastern part of Nigeria

That’s good. Which eastern state precisely?
Don Gz: Ebonyi state

So, Don Gz, we heard you’re working on a collaboration with Mistaspy. Can you please tell us more about it?
Yea, my management and I sometime this year announced a collaboration with Mistaspy.
We actually wanted to work on the rap version of his hit song “no time”. At first when I got the opportunity to work with him I was very excited but it was a pity things did not go the way we expected and for some reasons best known to our both management teams it did not happen.
But I have not ruled out a chance of working with Mistaspy in the close future, anything can happen,when I heard “No Time” I fell in love with his sound and i hope we will work together soon enough, he is not the only one I want to work with obviously, there is still Falz, Reekado Banks, Ola Dips And who knows I might just be dropping something soon with Dremo. These guys are good but Mistaspy is spectacular.

Yea, we all know Mistaspy is good, judging by his hit track “No Time”, he is just a genius.

Don Gz: Yea

So, Don Gz can you tell us what actually happened between you and Tidinz?

Ooh! Tidinz! I’ve tried so hard to avoid this question but it seems I’ll have to talk about it anyway. To be honest nothing really happened between me and Tidinz, when I released my debut single “king of the east”, I wanted to work on the Remix with him and my management were also making arrangements, unfortunately I cut off the deal, then two weeks later Tidinz releases a song “Mpadia” proclaiming himself “king of the east”. I did not have a problem with that, but I was disappointed because some group of people were now bringing up rumours that I had a burst up with him and he has decided to release a diss track to fire back.. But this was not what really happened, I am on my own, I just want money And fame I cant beef with anybody. Tidinz knows me.. He knows this and he knows we love him and support his music everyday… I just hope this interview will put an end to the questions and controversies.

So, your “king of the east” title, where does that come from?
Did anything motivate you to come up with it?

Yea.. It actually goes way back to my early days in high school when i started rap. We were just 5 rappers in the whole school, we did rap battles and cyphers during social nights and other events. One day, it was the school’s cultural day so there was a rap battle between the tribes and the battle got to an elimination stage, the two Yoruba rappers saw the two other Igbo niggas off.. So I was the only one left and I was able to stand my ground against the both of them and eliminate them, once the competition ended I was the winner and the owner of the school who happens to be the former Governor of Ebonyi state “Dr. Sam Egwu” told me I was going to be the king of the east in the music industry. It was a special feeling. I cannot forget that day. That was how the name came about.

Wow. That’s great. You must have been a rap star right from high school, crushing two rappers isn’t an easy one. Kudos man. *Laughs*
Don Gz thanks for your time. We’re pleased having you here today.

Don Gz: The pleasures are mine.

Do have a good day

Connect with Don Gz
Facebook: Don Geez
Instagram: @Official_don_gz

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