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Don’t Break My Friendship With Odunlade Adekola, Kemi Afolabi Begs

After a face-off with fellow actress, concerning Odulade Adekola, married actress, Kemi Afolabi in interview with Encomium is begging Nigerians especially journalists to let her be and let her enjoy her friendship with Odulade Adekola who is also married. According to Kemi,

.Mr Odun is nothing but her helper.
It will be recalled that She-Baby had called the actress out shortly after she left her movie location saying she has been sleeping with Odulade Adekola. The two had a hot argument which leaked online, leading the actor in the middle of all this to grant an interview saying he has never dated any of the two actresses and as a matter of fact, they are married and he is happily married too begging them not to break his happy home.

. What Kemi Afolabi said after the cut.
My husband and Odunlade Adekola have a cordial relationship because it’s been a long time.
Actually, it’s quite sad to me because when people try to break me up with people that are my helpers, people that support my work, it’s really sad. And I want to use this medium to appeal to you journalists to do your work very well.

I know sometimes the story may be so juicy and some journalists will just go to press without proper investigation.
But it’s always good to hear the other side. There’s something we call audiorterempaton in law. Please, pardon me for bringing in this legal terminology. Even though I am an actress, I am forever a lawyer. I would always go back to law. It will do us a lot of good if you guys actually reach out to us before putting your pen on paper.
I know most journalists would just pick up their pen and say they tried to get across to us but their efforts were futile. But what of those that are on your BBM contact and all other platforms through which you can reach out to the person?
Some just like writing whatever rumour they hear without bothering to do any investigation. It’s unfair. I just want to beg you journalists to please, do your job very well by making sure you hear from the party or parties involved, no matter how juicy the story is, before going to press.
Regarding Odunlade Adekola’s issue, I just want to appeal to you all to leave the gentleman alone.
He’s happily married. He’s someone I really respect. Odunlade is one of those people who encouraged me when I came back. When I was back, I had to take a queue. But he was one of those people who picked me up and encouraged me.
He said he knew I had the talent and he believed in me. And he gave me so many chances, okay, who
knows now, maybe it’s because of what people have been saying that I have not even got a call from him to invite me for job.
And I know he has been working, not that he’s not working. People should just not break up our friendship. He’s a very good friend of mine but the media has been able to separate us. And there is this notion about Nigerians or Africans as a whole. When you play a character in a movie very well, and strictly by the script, they tend to quickly jump into a kind of conclusion, “Oh! These two people are wonderful. The chemistry is so good.”
In acting, there are some people that when you’re on set with, they carry you along, they make the job so simple and so easy. Odunlade Adekola falls into that category. So, people should just find out what’s truly going on instead of unnecessary insinuations

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