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Read Five Benefits of Choosing Private University & Polytechnic


This is a Read Five (5) Benefits of Choosing Private University & Polytechnic School

.For those who have selected a private university or polytechnic, there are some advantage you will enjoy as a prospective student and the list will be combined below

.1) Low Competition: the rate of competition in private institutions is very low and the number of candidates competing for a particular course might be less than 30 and this cannot be compare to federal or state universities or poly that welcome unhealthy competition. In some public varsity, 90,000 may apply for an admission slot of 7000

.2). Easy Admission: The possibility of Gaining admission in any private universities and polytechnics is 95% sure and this cannot be said of public universities where admission is like a bootle neck for most of the aspirants.
Public universities promote admission manipulation which is unlikely to happen in a private institution

.3) Clean and secure Environment: the cleanliness of private universities is not what you may want to miss as a student and also the protection offered by the management of the school is quite commendable unlike the public universities that are exposed to hazard and an unclean environment. The toilet of uniben and uniabuja is nothing to speak of today and bedbug in unilag hostel is definitely not good enough.
Meanwhile the class room of some public universities need serious renovation. To avoid all this, you can always choose a private institutions

.4) Good Result: due to the flexibility and a very accommodating method of teaching introduced by private poly and universities, the students tends to perform very well. The rate of first class and 2nd class graduate is always high in private institutions

.5). Beautiful and handsome Faces : 90% of students in private institution always have sufficient time to take proper care of themselves and by doing so, they tend to look beautiful and handsome always and also the environment of private institution always influence them positively in the manner of dressing,talking,walking, behaviour and many others.

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