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Kanye West crowned Webby Awards artist of the year


33D8ED9900000578-0-image-m-32_1462402657261 Kanye West crowned Webby Awards artist of the year

The Webby Awards have announced that the Gold Digger rapper accept the Artist of the Year for 2016.

Thanks to Kanye’s digital achievements and worldwide recognition, he has been crowned the musical King of 2016.

He has been cited as an influential and powerful figure in the music industry due to his individual and changing methods of how music is released and shared.

He went in a slightly different direction this year when he sold out Madison Square Gardens for his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show.
33C4724D00000578-3574114-image-a-28_1462401212958 Kanye West crowned Webby Awards artist of the year

The attention and coverage that the event received pretty much broke the Internet, with pictures and videos of the show being posted on every possible social media outlet.

Then of course he released his latest album, The Life Of Pablo.

Kanye plans to take the tracks on the road later this year as part of his commitment to leave a legacy to the world.

He is aiming to tour in September which will further prove that 2016 is the year of Pablo.
The album includes a song, which was not on the original track list, entitled ‘I Love Kanye.’

On the track Kanye — who has compared himself to Michelangelo and Pablo Picasso — raps about his public image, with references to himself in the third person in every line.

‘The Life of Pablo’ also features ‘No More Parties in LA,’ a song featuring the acclaimed rapper Kendrick Lamar that was produced by the prolific hip-hop DJ Madlib.

The song, which has proven popular with Kanye’s fans, was initially on the rapper’s track list and then mysteriously disappeared before reappearing.

Also on the album is ‘Waves,’ a sexually explicit song that features Chris Brown and had initially been the album’s title.

Twitter exchanges indicated that ‘Waves’ was the reason for the album’s holdup as Chance the Rapper, who helped write the track, insisted to West that it be included.
33C2810100000578-3574114-image-a-29_1462401221231 Kanye West crowned Webby Awards artist of the year
West immediately encountered controversy when performing ‘The Life of Pablo’ at Madison Square Garden for his track ‘Famous,’ in which he raps, ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have S*kx.’

He was apparently referring to reconciliation with pop superstar Taylor Swift. In 2009, Kanye rushed the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards when Taylor won for best female video.

Meanwhile, on Monday night, he accompanied his famous reality star wife to the prestigious Met Gala wearing blue contact lenses and a silver metallic designer jacket paired with very ripped blue jeans.

Clearly Kim has had an effect on his style as the notorious rapper was rocking a very vampiric look at the event with some icy coloured contacts.
The rapper wore an intricately sequinned silver jacket designed by Balmain, with a plain white T, ripped jeans and tan suede boots.

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