‘Real Housewives’ star under fire for Irma private jet photo


TV personality Lisa Hochstein is getting heat for posting a photo of her family fleeing Florida on a private jet.


“Real Housewives” of Miami ex-cast member Lisa Hochstein boarded a private jet out of Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma and people weren’t happy about her public display of wealth.

The former reality TV star took to Instagram to share an image of her, her surgeon husband, their 2-year-old son and a pair of dogs in front of a jet over the weekend to announce they were fleeing the Sunshine State ahead of the storm.

The post was instantly slammed for being tone-deaf, considering many Floridians could not afford to leave in the wake of the storm.

Hochstein updated her photo caption to include several paragraphs attempting to justify the jet.


“EVERYONE IS POSTING ON SM about how they escaped! This happens to be mine and I don’t need to apologize or hide to ANYONE ABOUT HOW WE DO SO,” Hochstein continued, adding: “We also did not have paper work for our dogs to fly commercial as every vet was closed and every flight was booked and there is no way in hell we would leave them behind.”

Her explanation didn’t seem to help her case, as many commenters only thought she even seemed more out-of-touch.

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