Trump ends Obama-era plan to fortify homes in flood zones


The Trump administration has quietly killed off rules proposed under Barack Obama’s presidency that would have required much tougher flood resiliency in thousands of new and rebuilt homes within flood zones, the Daily News has learned.

The termination of the proposed rule “was terrible,” said Dan Zarrilli, Mayor de Blasio’s chief resilience officer and the official in charge of leading the city’s post-Superstorm Sandy recovery.

As a result, Zarrilli predicted, the thousands of homeowners deluged by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will be allowed to rebuild in the same spots where they were flooded without any added resiliency.

“Now they will just follow local regulations,” he said. “It just defaults to the lowest common denominator. The rebuilding is going to be built to lower standards because the feds aren’t looking at addressing the effects of climate change.”

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