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Bobrisky Recounts How A Man Sexually Harassed Him In A Mall


Following MTV Base presenter – Kudiratu Olayinka’s story about being harassed by two men at a restaurant in Lekki, Lagos, Nigerian gay – Bobrisky has taken to Snapchat to share his own experience.

Bobrisky who is not happy with the saga took to Snapchat to rant about it, charging girls to move about with pepper sprays, acid etc and in the same vein he narrated his experience at a mall.

The tv personality, yesterday, narrated how she got groped by two men, writing:

“I woke up this morning still upset about what took place last night. We used to raise men, but now-a-days there seems to be more “animals” roaming the streets. I want to say that I was shocked by the actions of those two “animals,” or by the bystanders, or by the staff and security of @theplacelekki who said and did nothing; but I wasn’t. I wasn’t even shocked by the females who were there laughing and telling me that “what is small pressing yansh?” We as Nigerians have become so numb to the injustice and harassment that befalls woman everyday in this country. Even when it is directly in our face we laugh it off or shift blame. Thanks to the few good men like @djspinall and @luskimayana that we still have left. Nigerians have to do better. I don’t know these “animals” at all, but they thought it was their “right” to grab my A$$. It was not, but it is my right to speak up. As it is every woman’s right. Don’t let their ignorance silence you. #KOlaKronicles #Kueening #JourneyToHappy”

See what Bobrisky wrote below…


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