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Instagram User Exposes Laura Ikeji After She Sacked Him


Laura Ikeji, sister to popular blogger Linda Ikeji, has been called out by an Instagram user, @king_kelly58 who stressed that Laura used him and sacked him after she promised to pay him handsomely and take him round the world.

According to TopPostNg, who contacted the young man, Laura has done this to many others and not just himself.

In a phone chat with TopPostNg, kelly said:

“She has been doing this to a lot of people, she use them as bait to get publicity and increase her followers. She makes numerous promises to people and she never fulfills them. I gave her the best and she used an excuse to cut me off because she didn’t want to pay me. I gave her some time, I’ve been calling her and she doesn’t pick my calls.

“She told me she loved my works and she was going to pay me handsomely and I’ll also get to travel round with her. After working for her, she shared my pictures on instagram without giving me credit. I left my previous job for her. I love her, I really love her family but I don’t like people taking me for granted. I gave her some time and she has not contacted me since.”

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