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“My Parents Don’t Know I’m Into Music” – Rapper, Evidenc3 Reveals In New Interview


Entrepreneur turned rapper, Evidenc3 has bared it all in an e-interview with Naijacliq.

According to the fast rising rapper who recently dropped a cover to Cardi B’s award-winning song – Bodak Yellow, his parents are not aware that he is into music.

Read full excerpts from the interview below…

Q: Evidenc3 you’re welcome to our interview session, Naijacliq family is happy you made out time for us today.

A: Yeah, Thanks.

Q: So let’s get to know EVIDENC3, what’s your real name?

A: My name is Okeke Precious Evidence Okwukwe.

Q: Would you please tell us about your background and where you’re from?

A: Okay, I was born into a family of seven, I’m the last tho’ I hail from Okpuno in Awka South LGA of Anambra State.

Q: How was your Childhood like? Good, bad or?

A: Wooow…Mehn my childhood was good, was bad, was ugly. like I mentioned earlier I was born the last of seven Kids, we 3 guys and 4 ladies. Growing up as a kid to me was kinda challenging coz I hated fighting unlike every other kid and that made my pairs and the older kids take me for a weakling so er’one was on my neck. Thank God for my two older brothers who were lions, them and God was the only reason I survived my childhood (laughs).

Q: So when did you start this music thing, when did you discover yourself?

A: Uhmmm firstly I’ll like to let you know I was born into a musical family. My mum is a music writer/composer, my dad is a good music Lover, and 3 other siblings of mine are very talented in music so its in us.

And while growing up each time I cried my mum would always call me ‘Onye Ukwe’ which means Singer. And one day I asked her why she doesn’t like consoling me when I cry then in her word she said ‘because you’re a good musician, you’re only perfecting yourself.

Then I actually started with vibing on songs while it plays and at a point my pairs even the older kids would come to me to tell them what was said in a song and what it means coz I understood music better than they did. Till when I was like 12years old I then started composing/Writing my own songs but didn’t have the opportunity to record at that time in my life.

Q: What does Your Parents think about your music?

A: My parents do not know I’m doing music presently. My dad warned me against music and at a point stopped me from listening to music when he saw i had serious interest in music. Its only my mum who tells us anything we want to be is cool, she would always say ‘Anything at all you say is what you want for yourself, I will support you but always make sure you have passion for it and not doing it for just the money’. So I wouldn’t tell them till they hear about it from an outside mouth.

Q: So are you doing music full time?

A: No, I’m also an entrepreneur. Doing music now to me is just to let people know the name EVIDENC3, when I’m ready for music, it’ll be music alone.

Q: The first ever freestyle you put out was not recorded and it was just a minute plus but yet it got you lots of fans and recognition. What inspired that freestyle and how did you feel about the turn out?

A: I personally did not believe it was me that did that freestyle when I saw the Love people showed me. The freestyle happened a day before the day I posted the video was Saturday, I was searching for beats online then I saw that Big Sean’s blessing the instrumental and i downloaded it. The following day was Sunday and I didn’t go to church so I was playing the beats I had downloaded and when that one popped up and played half way I felt vibes coming, so I put it on repeat and when it started afresh I started vibing, that was just how that freestyle happened. Then about the love people showed, it was massive. When I was reading through the comments people made there were this three particular comments I can’t forget one said ‘Tupac is Alive’ the other said ‘Best rapper Alive, I’m a fan’ the other said ‘You’re my best rapper’ those comments convinced me I was going do music and succeed by the grace of God.

Q: You also put out some other freestyles after then and what would you say have been the outcomes?

A: It’s been love love love, people have been showing love.

Q: How did you feel about your BODAK YELLOW cover which recorded over 200 download within the first 5hours of it’s release?

A: I actually felt like Tupac that very day, it convinced me that people are willing to listen to me.

Q: And you just got signed to TRAP MONEY BOYS which is arguably the most relevant and hardworking Record Label based in Ebonyi state, how did it happen?

A: To be honest I never saw it coming. I never thought I was going to be part of that label. Just a few days before the day they called me for the deal I was talking with my manager and I was telling him I wanted to float my own label hence I don’t have hope for any deal. So that very day a signee in the label – “Nemesis” hit me up and after introducing himself he told me he’s been seeing my freestyles online that his label is recording an EP that he wants to have me on his own song in the EP. So he asked me to send him a short freestyle, when I did he loved it and sent me the song he wanted me on and like 15mins later I sent him a voice note of my verse he told me it was crazy how I made him love the song the more. The following day the owner of the label told me. I was going to be unveiled as their new signee in a few weeks on the EP lunch day.
That was how we ran and sealed the deal.

Q: Wow!! Kudos on that win.

A: Thanks i appreciate.

Q: People say Your pattern of Rap is quite different from what every other young Emcee is doing in the East. What do you say about that?

A: You see…Even though we’re into the same Craft we’re still different individuals. And it is right that every Craftsman should have a thing that makes him/her different from others and that’s what I’m trying to do.

Q: Nice one..
Meanwhile what and who inspires your music?

A: Every Rapper out there and everything around me inspires my music.

Q: And the year is almost up and many people are dropping jams for Christmas and we remember you promised to drop a song or two to round up the year if your BODAK YELLOW turns out well and no doubt it did, so any good news?

A: Yeah sure, too many good news. I’ve actually been working on too many songs, Mine and others I’m featured in.
I may drop two of my own songs ‘NTA’ which features MISTASPY and ‘MLOAT’ then I’ll feature on AK JAKOBS’ own song ‘BATMAN, JOKER & HARLEY QUINN which is the best Trap song I’ve ever heard, the song is a Virus. No long talk y’all just wait on them.

Q: Do you have anything to say to your fellow up and coming artists?

A: Yeah…yeah…I’ll say we the upcoming acts should try as much as can to keep it real, work on developing our craft other than beefing, respect the bigger names in the industry, show the DJs and the OAPs respect, they have huge rules to play in our careers. And finally we should never think of giving up.


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