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Nanny Caught Drinking Her Employer’s Brestmilk (Photo/Video)


A Taiwanese mother has revealed that a nanny who she hired to look after a month-old girl secretly drank her breast milk after her baby fell asleep.

Ms Lin, 27, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, said she was ‘disgusted’ to find out the nanny, 58, had been drinking her breast milk without her permission on more than one occasion.

After being confronted by Ms Lin on September 12, the nanny admitted she had drunk Ms Lin’s breast milk but did not apologise, said the mother.

4482F49E00000578-4902498-The_27_year_old_mother_pictured_decided_to_post_the_footage_on_h-m-12_1505910588930 Nanny Caught Drinking Her Employer's Brestmilk (Photo/Video)
Ms Lin and her son

According to Ms. Lin, the nanny avoided the camera and drank the milk after putting the baby to sleep.

The incident came to light after Ms Lin uploaded a post on Facebook on September 17, accusing the nanny of drinking the breast milk she had prepared for her children.

4482F62B00000578-4902498-image-a-31_1505908128780 Nanny Caught Drinking Her Employer's Brestmilk (Photo/Video)

In the post, Ms Lin shared a video, which was captured by a security camera.

The video showed the nanny, wearing a face mask, feeding milk to a baby on a sofa. The carer then looked into the security camera before taking the baby out of the living room.

Although the clip did not show the nanny drinking the milk, Ms Lin claimed there were the moments before she drank the milk.

Ms Lin said the nanny put her daughter to sleep and drank the milk in a blind spot.

The angry mother told MailOnline that she hired the nanny to look after her newborn baby after giving birth to her second child.

Her son is two years old and her daughter was born in August.

The mother said she had hired the helper during her postpartum confinement, a one-month period during which new mothers must stay indoors according to the Chinese culture.

She said she had reminded the carer to keep any breast milk her daughter couldn’t finish and give it to her son.

On the afternoon of September 12, Ms Lin noticed there was about 450ml breast milk left in the bottle as she walked around in the house, according to the mother.

But a while later when she walked out to the living room again, she found the bottle to be empty, so she asked the nanny if the baby had finished all the milk.

‘She said yes but I couldn’t believe it, so I checked the CCTV,’

said Ms Lin.

Watch the video here

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