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Photos: University students strip naked to protest school policy


A group of eight university students have taken critical step to take their grievances home after they stripped totally na ked to protest.

In a shocking show, eight students have staged a na ked protest after it was revealed the University of Melbourne would continue to invest in the fossil fuel industry.

According to Dailymail, the students climbed onto the roof of the Old Quad building at 10am on Tuesday and stripped off their clothes to reveal the message ‘drop your assets’ painted onto their bare backs and buttocks.

The protest is aimed against the university’s administration decision to continue to invest in the fossil fuel industry.

‘We’ve had to be courageous and we’re showing the University everything we’ve got,’ said Master of Environment student Anastasia Gramatakos.

In three years of campaigning, the students have held referendums, rallies, and forums to engage students, staff and the university council to promote divestment.


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