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My breasts are killing me, they won’t stop growing – woman cries out


Not her real photo.

Read what the lady wrote below:

”Please i need help. this is not funny any more. My breast is beginning to frighten me. I am 14 weeks pregnant (my first pregnancy) and my breast has grown past size 44 and with a very strong texture . Even though I am fair, my aureola is expanding at an alarming rate and has turned pure black and my nipple are erect and hard and painful non stop I am naturally busty and normally i wear size 34 cup.

I have never seen any thing like this my entire life. I am seriously worried and it seems to be getting bigger every morning. The weight is also a problem. I strain to stand straight and my back is aching terribly. My husband has been supportive but i know he is worried too though he tries to mask it often. i am slim and slender and I now look absurd. I had to keep changing bra size every 2 weeks and I still have a long way to go in my pregnancy as I just entered my 2nd trimester. I like to be free when am at home but my elder sister told me to wear bra always and I have started wearing them even to bed but its not helping. please does anybody know what I can do to stop this breast from growing.”

Hmnn..Wow! Any doctor in the house?

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