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Buhari blames Obasanjo, Yar Adua, Jonathan for current economy troubles


President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday blamed the previous administrations for the current bad economic situation in the country.

Buhari while addressing workers during the May Day celebration at the Eagle Square, Abuja said the emergence of the All Progressives Congress, APC, brought an end to the 16 years of squander by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

According to the President, challenges will always arise in life, “but how we go about solving them determines the outcome.”

Buhari said, “Labour remains unarguably an important element in any policy, programme and project propagated for national development. This year’s celebration is significant in a number of ways.

“First, it marks the first May Day celebration under the All Progressive Congress, APC, administration which brought an end to the16 years of national squander, bad governance, unbridled corruption and economic woes by the previous administration.

“I make no excuses as this government of the APC is determined to tackle headlong all socio-economic ills that have troubled our nation and we shall evolve solutions to emerging threats to our well-being and the realization of sustainable development as well as growth anchored on equity and social justice.

“The times may be tough, but we Nigerians are by nature resilient and strong and it is that nature that propels us to overcome adversities and still thrive as a nation. There will always be challenges in the life of a man and what defines greatness is the way and manner such challenges are tackled and overcome. I assure you, great Nigerian workers that this administration is able and willing to constructively handle the challenges.”

The President urged workers to join hands with his administration in its crusade against corruption.

Buhari said, “The present administration has sought and will continue to seek the hands of Labour so that together we can attain the enviable heights of progress in our beloved country.

“It is for this very reason that I aspired to become President which the Nigerian people have now made a reality. This administration shall effect positive change in the lives of average Nigerians, to ensure that the downtrodden are elevated and most importantly to fight the intense pain of corruption which has enriched the very few to the detriment of the majority of Nigerians who groan under the overwhelming weight of poverty and all the superstructural and infrastructural maladies resulting from corruption.

“In this fight against corruption, I need you all to be very willing partners. Fighting corruption in the public service in particular, requires the workers to play major roles by cooperating with the government.”

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