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Osinbajo Gets In Touch With Buhari Every Day – Lai Mohammed


The Minister of Information and Culture, Mr Lai Mohammed, has said Acting President Yemi Osinbajo gets in touch with President Muhammadu Buhari every day and that there is “so much trust” between both men.
Mr Mohammed said this when he appeared on Politics Today on Channels Television.

Asked if President Buhari is in support of the meetings the Acting President is having with leaders of the North and South East amid growing tension in both regions, the minister said there is no concern about that.

He said,

“The Acting President is daily in touch with Mr President so I am very confident that Mr President is in the full know of what the Acting President is doing and there is so much trust between the acting president and the president I don’t think there should be an area of concern at all.”

On the calls for the restructuring of Nigeria, Mr Mohammed said that was not a priority for the government.

He said,

“I have said at several fora that the priority of government right now is to keep this government one and safe. The priority is to revamp the economy and the priority of this government right now is to ensure that we fight corruption and that we put this country on a very stable footing. The issue of restructuring might come later but right now it is not on our front burner.”

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