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Photos: Three year old boy allegedly snorts cocaine


A three year old boy was photographed while supposedly snorting cocaine and the image was uploaded on Facebook with the caption: ‘Mum and dad’s little junkie’. Social media users have since condemned the parents of the boy saying child service authorities should take the boy away from his parents.

The picture above shows him looking directly into the camera, ready to sniff a white, powdery substance believed to be cocaine.

However the boy’s family from Sindel in eastern Bulgaria’s Varna Province have assured people that it was all a joke and that the boy took flour and not cocaine.

Mrs Nadezhda Nuri, the boy’s mother said:
“My mother first saw the [picture of the] children and called me. I couldn’t have done such a thing, I don’t even know how to write.

“My daughter must have taken the photo and uploaded it online. I can’t do it because I can’t even read or write, never mind use a computer.”

Her daughter, who uploaded the photo, says the family joke around with taking often.

“I was only joking, I got the idea from Facebook. I have never seen real drugs. I once saw a woman on Facebook making lines with flour and then snorting it.”

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